Monday, August 27

epic weekend at the local balloon invitational. editor's note** this post contains gratuitous layers of content-slim color.

three days of getting up at 5am payed off with a media flight. woo-hoo. i love my job. finished an audioslideshow from that trip today. spending four days with the aeronauts was exhausting. i now know random facts about wind speed, pibals, envelopes and propane.

and lastly, my view after our sideways landing. "gimmie that camera, i got a shot for you!"

by the end of four days i knew quite a few people out on the field. it's nice when people refer to me by name instead of "media girl."

this small town atmosphere will be an interesting experience. i've already run into people i've shot on assignment elsewhere in the community, and i've only been here a month. that never happened when i worked in bigger markets. i'm interested to see how this will play into my work, what stories it might bring me to tell.

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  1. how often do you have these balloon rides? can anyone go for a ride...I would love to do it someday....also sky diving...