Monday, April 19

Soccer State Semi-Finals for the Dallas Morning News

It was a rough night for Westlake goalie Dylan Shoemaker (1). The Dallas Jesuit Rangers steamrolled the Chaparrals 4-0 in the 5A semi-finals on their way to becoming the first private school in history to win a Texas state championship.

Westlake goalie Dylan Shoemaker (1), right, and defender David Lukert (12), left, watch as a kick from Jesuit midfielder Oscar Martinez (17), center, rolls toward an open goal during the first half of the Boys 5A semi-finals in Georgetown, Texas.

Westlake Steven Duever (13), left, collides with his goalie Dylan Shoemaker (1), center, during the second half as Jesuit forward David Reilly (19), right, looks on during the Class 5A boys soccer semifinal in Georgetown, Texas on April 8, 2010.

The Jesuit Ranger student section embraces senior midfielder Mark Daus (24), left, as Matthew Fredericks (3), center, congratulates Daniel Givonetti (5), right, after their 4-0 Class 5A boys semifinal win over the Westlake Chaparrals.

Thursday, April 1

Buddhist Inquiry for the Statesman

Wrapping up my religion coverage (for now) -

The Appamada center in central Austin hosts weekly inquiry sessions during the Tuesday lunch hour. Flint Sparks, a psychologist and ordained Zen Buddhist priest, leads a short meditation followed by dilemmas or issues presented by the members.  Sparks then addresses the problems using a combination of Buddhist teachings, psychology practice and other influences.

A camera sounds more like a machine gun when photographing meditation.  The Inquiry group graciously allowed me to challenge their powers of concentration.  The space was calm, centered, and filled with light.  You can read more about Austin's Buddhist temples and practitioners here.