Tuesday, November 17

Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress used some photos from my Raising Emilie story in their recent report 'A Woman's Nation' which included several chapters on the changing roles that men face at work and at home.

I was impressed by their use of documentary images throughout the 450 page document. In an age when generic iStock imagery is slapped on just about everything, it was refreshing (and, dare I say, encouraging) to see someone taking the time to seek out real moments and stories.

Thursday, November 12

Ft. Hood

I spent five days this last week covering the shootings at Ft. Hood for the NYTimes. My role was a supporting one for the Times staffers that were already on the scene. I covered the daily pressers and enterprised what I could on the side, running down leads with reporters and revisiting important sites. It was a great learning experience to see how a large publication covers an evolving news story of this magnitude.

I was on the visual peripheral of the story, but did my best to contribute to the team effort. Times photogs Nicole Bengiveno and Michael Stravato and the writing staffers were amazing to work with, all focused on the story and working around the clock to make sense of everything.

Here are some outtakes and pictures that made the various NYT slideshows.