Monday, November 22

Bike Fashion for the Statesman

Last month's bike fashion shoot with Mellow Johnny's put way too many things on the wish list.  Clothing fit for fashionistas, but built for cyclists.  Epic.  I also got to take a spin on a bike that cost about as much as my cameras.  Big thanks to models Gayla Corporon and Allan Sieja for looking like total bad asses so early in the morning.

Thursday, November 18

Bjarne Stroustrup for Wired

Last month I drove up to Aggie country to photograph a legend in computer programming.  Bjarne Stroustrup invented C++ in 1985.  On the silver anniversary of its launch, Wired looked back at one of the most popular programming languages ever created.

Professor Stroustrup (fun lesson in pronunciation here) was generous with his time between classes at Texas A&M University.  We talked about his native Denmark, where my brother currently lives, and shared some programming-grade espresso. Thankfully there was no pop-quiz about programming.

Monday, November 1

Austin Eats for the Dallas Morning News

As a native Austinite, I get stuck in routines around town.  The same running trails, coffee shops, and traffic shortcuts rotate through my week without a second glance.  I forget there's so much new to love in this town.  Last month's food assignment from the DMN gave me a big dose of new and hip.  You can read the reviews here.

Odd Duck



24 Diner

Foreign & Domestic

Children's Business Fair for the Statesman

I had a fun daily last month at the Children's Business Fair hosted by the Acton Foundation.  Jeff Sandefer, a benefactor of the foundation, opened his front lawn to over 80 young entrepreneurs and their wares.  It was so much more than your traditional lemonade stands.  You can see the slideshow here.

Saskia Solotko, 6, plays the violin to attract customers to her booth, the Violin Café at the 4th annual Children's Business Fair at the Pease Mansion in old west Austin on October 9, 2010. Solotko and business partner Ellie Carpenter, 10, (not pictured) are two of seven original students at the Acton Academy, founded by Jeff Sandefer.

Reese Youngblood sits in front of her booth where she takes commissions on oil and pastel paintings.

Jules Gilbreath, 9, greets customers at his booth Jules' Vintage Comics. "Collecting comics is just one of my hobbies," said Gilbreath. "Reading them is another one."

As the day wound down, I spotted Sam Battle making a portrait of twins at his booth.  He took great care with the drawing and was gentle with the kids in a way that few 10-year-old boys are.  In short, I fell in love with this artist.

Samuel Battle, 10, right, makes a portrait of three-year-old twins, Scarlett and Luke Gromquist.

After the fair ended I couldn't help myself and bought a portrait from Sam.  The best $5 I've spent in 2010.  Thanks, Sam.  It's perfect.