Tuesday, October 27


took a hike at e-rock last week. i thank the parent who took their girls hiking in pioneer dresses.


a few quiet frames from last weekend's wedding with brett buchanan at H12.


my brother with his youngest.

casting in bend

catching up on posts from travels earlier in the fall...

while visiting family in bend, oregon i felt the need for a photo walkabout and wandered to the old mill, a shopping district on the banks of the deschutes river. i stumbled upon the orvis national casting competition and spent the day photographing a sport that i didn't know existed.

i grew up fishing with my dad. i snarled lines in trees and, more often than not, tried to keep the rainbow trout we caught as pets. fond memories. fly fishing isn't foreign to me, but competition casting was a whole new world. i was surrounded by casting royalty with 13 time world champion steve rajeff, floyd dean and henry mittel. who knew?

the course is a permanent installation, the only one of its kind in north america. think frisbee-golf, but with hoops instead of baskets.

after the scores were tallied there was a cast-off for 6th place. matt paluch hit the target in two tries and made a bet with chase jablonski. hit it in one, and he'd take a swim.

chase hit it in one try,

and matt took a swim.

Wednesday, October 21

NPPA's Visual Student

Some of my adventures at MPW are highlighted on the NPPA's Visual Student blog today.

Wednesday, October 7

mpw outtakes, part deux

the first few hours (days) of the workshop are spent wandering around looking for story ideas and getting a lay of the land. here are some singles and stories that didn't make the cut.

some bonus footage. halfway through day 3 i got stuck knee-deep in mississippi river mud. jennifer (looking out over the river, above) was kind enough to take a shot of me in this ridiculous position.

mpw outtakes

part of the difficulty of editing work at MPW is honoring the discipline of a photo story. this is what the missouri photo workshop does better than any other workshop out there. they don't dabble in multimedia. they won't teach you final cut. they simply demand hard work and thoughtful photographs that service the story.

inevitably, part of telling a good story is letting go of some single images you love to move the narrative forward. here are some i had to sacrifice.

Monday, October 5

mpw 61

At three months, Kade Bauman couldn't hold his head up on his own. The doctors said to wait. He just might need a little more time. Then the seizures started. At one and a half years old, Kade has been hospitalized six times in the last year.

Diagnosed with epilepsy, cortical vision impairment and hypotonia, Kade's parents and grandparents, therapists and friends work together to give him the care he needs. "I knew we were strong, but I didn't know how strong," says Kade's mother, Annette Bauman.

i had an incredible time at the 61st missouri photo workshop in festus/crystal city. i owe everything to the bauman family who opened themselves up to me. thanks for letting me tell kade's story.

more photos and thoughts from the week coming up. but first, a good night's sleep.