Wednesday, February 29

Bad Dogs for the Wall Street Journal

I had a string of dog-related assignments a few weeks back. One of them took me to San Antonio where a new court system dedicated to dog offenses is getting mixed reviews. City officials appreciate the focused attention on canine violations which they hope will reduce the 3,000 residents a year that are bitten by dogs and the more than 150,000 dogs roam city streets on any given day.  Residents say the system targets family pets, not strays, and levies exorbitant fines for minor offenses.

I spent some time with the pups and their owners caught up in the system. You can read the article here and see the WSJ slideshow here.

San Antonio Dog Court for the Wall Street Journal - Images by Julia Robinson

Tuesday, February 14

Derrick Wright for Thrivent Magazine

I met Derrick Wright last December doing a shoot for Thrivent Magazine. Derrick, a West Point graduate and Army officer, was working as security for US diplomats in Iraq when a rocket attack in the Green Zone left him clinging to life with shrapnel in his skull. Doctors later removed 2/3 of the left side of his brain. That was 2007.

Derrick has relearned to walk and talk, though he still struggles with reading and short-term memory. These days he writes about his family and the Small Victories that keep him motivated and moving forward. It's a life they never imagined, but one they've embraced.