Thursday, May 19

Barley Swine for the Statesman

I've had a series of delicious assignments recently for the Statesman. Thanks, Nell!  I shot Bryce Gilmore last year for the Dallas Morning News for his awesome Odd Duck trailer in South Austin. This January Bryce opened a brick and mortar location called Barley Swine, combining his love of all things pork with microbrews from around the country.  Brilliant combination.  Maybe that's why Bryce was recently named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs of 2011.

There's more than pork on the menu, my favorites, the crab stuffed crepe and barley crumble dessert, are below. You can read the long form review here, but my opinion, two pints up!

Budget Rally for the Dallas Morning News

This legislative session has been a non-stop series of protests at the capitol over projected budget cuts and shortfalls.  Some days crowds swell into the tens of thousands, other days only a handful show up to fight for their cause.  Whatever the size, their passion and sense of urgency is the same.

Ron Cranston, center, of Austin, listens to speakers during a Don't Wreck Texas rally at the capitol on April 1, 2011. Several organizations including the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities participated in an all-day rally and vigil while the Texas House debates HB1 the budget bill that many expect will cut funding to state programs and services. 

A mock funeral was held on the south steps of the capitol with coffins representing programs affected by projected budget cuts.

Dwight Harris, of Victoria, holds a coffin representing funding for nursing homes during a mock funeral on the steps of the capitol.

Morgan Spurlock for the Dallas Morning News

Morgan Spurlock, the man who enlightened us and totally grossed us out with 'Super-Size Me,' came through Austin promoting his new documentary 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.'  Spurlock once again takes us on his personal journey, this time into the land of advertising and product placement.

Thus ends the "5-minutes with famous people" posts.

Wednesday, May 18

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for the Dallas Morning News

The comedic film duo that brought the world 'Shaun of the Dead,' Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, came through Austin promoting their new film 'Paul' about two English comic-book nerds who take an All-American RV roadtrip from Comic-Con to the fabled alien sites in the US. We had five minutes with these guys, but they were the funniest five minutes I've had in awhile.