Friday, April 27

Gary Clark, Jr.

It's rare these days to meet another native Austinite. That's why it was a total pleasure to photograph Austin's own Gary Clark, Jr during SXSW. During the total chaos of a tightly scheduled media day, it was nice to talk about the olden days, his collection of rad hats, and hear a bit of the family life behind the musician.

Thursday, April 19

Chuckwagon Races

Chuckwagon races just sound awesome, don't they? I came across their existence working on my story on Charles Goodnight, who was widely credited for inventing the chuckwagon in the late 1800's. After my stay-cation with the Ultimate Weird Sports Photographer, Sol Neelman, (see previous post) I drove out to Bandera for an event that's been on my radar for over a year.

Sunday's races at the Twin Elm Guest Ranch did not disappoint. There were only a few heats that day, but it whet my appetite for the National Chuckwagon Races in Arkansas later this year.

Chuckwagon Races - Images by Julia Robinson

Unicycle Football

This month I was visited by one of my favorite people, Sol Neelman. Our friendship dates back to the first (third) Aphotoaday Geekfest that I helped organize in Austin in 2005. A few dozen photographers invaded the Days Inn and Star Seeds for a long weekend of photo shenanigans. Friendships were forged and paths forever changed. Sol left the world of newspaper photography, embraced the freelance world, and his love of weird sports.

Lo, these 7 years later (dang we're getting old), he's published his first book with a second on the way. Whenever he comes to visit, weird sports is on the agenda. That's how we found ourselves in San Marcos, Texas for the 2012 semi-finals of the Unicycle Football League. Cooper Neill joined us for some quintessential Texas weirdness.

Unicycle Football - Images by Julia Robinson