Tuesday, August 19

como to st. pete, part the first

it's been a busy month for travel. i flew from missouri to st. pete twice in two weeks. the first for the photo-love-a-thon that is geekfest. this year was focused more on speakers than the usual team street shooting. preston gannaway presented the work that won her the pulitzer prize last year, lane degregory gave us the "20 tips your editor's won't tell you" about finding good stories, michael williamson astounded us with his mad poetry skillz, and ross taylor gave me a lot to digest with an amazing talk i wish i had a link to. purpose. it's all in the purpose.

john l. white, the man behind the mask.

co-worker in paradise.

ariel is patient zero.

an ill-fated trip to picnic island (neither picnic-like, nor an island) turned 180-degrees when we made it back to pass-a-grille beach before catching flights back home. the underwater one-time-use camera i bought transported us to the 1970's, or maybe it was loaded with film from the 1970's. in any case it made me want a *real* underwater housing for beauty a la josh ritchie.

david and kendrick.

nick in the ocean.

i swear the water was crystal blue.

and there was no nuclear holocaust on stage right.

my feet.