Monday, November 28

The Last UT Hex Rally for Reuters American Service

The annual Thanksgiving game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M has come to an end. The rivalry that started in 1894 has grown to be one of the most revered match-ups in the NCAA. With A&M's move to the SEC next year, and Texas' non-conference schedule full through 2018, it will be a long while before these two teams meet again.

The University of Texas holds a hex rally the week before the big game, a tradition started in 1941 to break a curse and string of losses to the Aggies. Burning red candles during the rally has (arguably) led Texas to win 75 of 118 games. 

This last rally was bittersweet for Horns fans and students. They added another W to the record last Thursday, but everyone wants to know when the rivalry will be born again.

Friday, November 18


Sophia Villarreal is the talented, funny, sweet niece of a good friend. She's applying to colleges and doing tryouts for dance departments. We spent a few hours playing with light and her amazing moves. Hopefully the photos will help separate her from the pack.

We met at the tail-end of a long day, but this shoot made my week. I caught the energy of an amazing young woman with the world before her. Good luck Sophia! Can't wait to see where you fly next.

Monday, November 7

Holly Bolt Removal

After fifty years of infighting between residents of East Austin and the city, Austin's Holly Power Plant is finally coming down. The turbulent history of the facility, erected in the middle of a residential neighborhood in the 1960's still feels fresh for many residents who turned out to remove the first bolts.

I live a few blocks from the power plant now and used the see the steam rising over the water on my way to high school back in the 1990's. As this transition takes place - the demolition, the clean-up, and the development of new parkland - I wander around my neighborhood documenting the change, getting to know my neighbors and the history that's simmered here for decades.