Wednesday, May 27


memorial day afternoon on a spillway of the guadalupe river. i've been allergic to chlorine my whole life, so i have a special place in my heart for swimming in nature. oceans, rivers, creeks, lakes - water with a view.

country potpourri

waiting on a few things to publish before posting. i'm not used to sitting on things i would like to share. as a newspaper photog most things published within a day or two. oh well. here's some randomness from the last month.

we found some fox kits on mother's day. i had to resist the urge to cuddle them. it was a hard fight.

local farm hands.

Monday, May 4


i visited my brother and his family in copenhagen last month. with another child due any day, i had the run of the city with a bike, my camera, and the warmest april in recent memory. it was a therapeutic combination.

i found myself standing perpendicular to beautiful, clean backgrounds most of the time. scandinavians really do live on amazing wood floors with neat, well-designed furniture. the city was bustling in the warmth and it felt good to wander.

of course i also took a ton of photos of the fam. my niece lena is quite a character. i can't wait to meet daughter #2.