Monday, April 13


i spent another lovely afternoon at the rodeo in comfort. the event this time was coleadero, or steer tailing. mixed into these are a smattering of photos from a charreada at el bajio outside of san antonio. my camera made it's last frame that day, RIP 20d. you were a good lil' camera.

looking through my take i noticed i'm still captivated by costume. i've been away from texas for so long i'm binging on sombreros and spurs. instead of forcing myself to get over it, i'm going to shoot through it. i have no deadline and i'll start looking 'beyond the hats' eventually.

a few friends have started sharing personal projects that feed their creativity and growth. they remind me to make no excuse for taking images for me. especially now. all i have is my creative arc, so i might as well let her ride.

Thursday, April 2

i've obsessed way too long over renaming this blog. the title has always reflected a state of mind or an era, and right now this is where i'm at. it's not meant to be a depressing reminder, but a prologue of everything yet to come.

when i do serious thinking, this is my new office chair.

and this is my office.