Thursday, January 28

Spoon for KUT

Shot Spoon for Texas Music Matters on Tuesday. It was fun to run around the set of Austin City Limits and not be hostage to the usual two song limit.  This band also rocks my socks off.  Bonus.  See the slideshow below.

Monday, January 18

'Under the Hood' for KUT

I found myself back in Killeen with KUT reporter Nathan Bernier last week.  Under the Hood is an anti-war coffee house where soldiers can vent their feelings about the military without fear of reprisal.  Army Spc. Eric Jasinski and Pfc. Mike Kern recounted their struggles to receive mental health care after returning from their deployments to Iraq.  Cynthia Thomas, the proprietor of the coffee house organized a protest last week to bring attention to the lack of services soldiers and their families receive.

Monday, January 11

NYT - Cole Marcoux

Cole Marcoux was a relatively unknown quarterback from the Fieldston School in New York before the football reality series "The Ride" threw him into the spotlight. Marcoux beat out seven other promising high school quarterbacks after six months of training and testing by a panel of professional coaches. He earned a spot in the Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Read his Cinderella story by Kevin Armstrong here.



Monday, January 4

Central Texas CharrerĂ­a for Slideluck Potshow Austin II

I put together a short edit of my charreada project for Slideluck Potshow Austin this past winter.  I was excited to be accepted into the show but was stunned when they chose my piece to lead off the night.  But really, who can resist Los Fabulosos Cadillacs?

Favs from 2009

It's contest season for photojournalists everywhere - that magical time of year when we unearth files from hard drives and DVDs to create our year in review. There's the thrill of discovery (the frame you forgot to file) and the groan of defeat (yep, the composition is still off).

Whatever your attitude is about contests, the process is what's important. It's a reckoning, really. A pause in the endless 'next' to feel both satisfied and dissatisfied - to set goals and dream big. After a few days of hemming and hawing over photos I'm sick of them all and can't wait to get back out into the thick of things. Here's to a 2010 full of stories.