Friday, February 6

orr street artist studios and galleries.

tai chi in the mornings.

josie sullivan hanging some of her recent work.


a week ahead of the presidential inauguration, i photographed the 55th governor of missouri in his own inaugural. this is as close as i came to d.c. this year.

John and Jean Greer read their programs as some of the first arrivals to Missouri Gov.-elect Jay Nixon's inauguration Monday morning in Jefferson City. John Greer sat on the board of the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority and worked with Nixon on MOHELA-related legislation. "We've had nothing the last four years," Jean said. "We're really, really looking forward to Nixon's term."

(Left to right) Mike Quily, LeeAnn Kenley, and Roger Whitten survey the seating area before the start of the inauguration in Jefferson City.

Left to right, Roneisha Curtis, 12, Breanna Lee, 12, and Chalice Richardson, 13, read their programs as they take their seats before Missouri Gov.-elect Jay Nixon's inauguration Monday in Jefferson City. The Gentry Middle School students came to watch the ceremony with the MAC Scholars program.

A gospel choir sings on the Capitol steps before the arrival of Missouri's new governor during the inaugural proceedings Monday morning in Jefferson City.

National anthem.

An attendee takes a photo of the inaugural ceremony as the crowd waits for the clock to strike noon.

Democrat Jay Nixon shakes the hand of Chief Justice Laura Denvir Stith after being sworn in as Missouri's 55th governor. Nixon took the oath with his hand on a Bible that has been passed down through his family since the late 1700s.

Jay Nixon gives his inaugural address Monday afternoon after being sworn in as the 55th governor of Missouri.

Former Governor Matt Blunt takes one last look at the podium as he is escorted from the inaugural ceremonies with wife Melanie on Monday morning in Jefferson City.

for my first our town of the year i hung out at a wedding expo at the county fair grounds. the bridal fashion show sounded promising; all that chaos in white. thankfully the models were gracious.

hickman wrestling practice.

clean background WIN

clean background FAIL

dark days

Monday, February 2

winter in the "real" america

got a visit from david noles last week. if you haven't seen his work, check it out. he came sans camera for a change, so, as i gave him a tour of winter weather and the middle of "real" america, he was in front of the lens for a change. january in los angeles is a bit more hospitable.

after waiting out a snow storm in st. louis, we decided to tour the gateway to the west before driving back to columbia.

i had no idea the elevators to the top were so, umm, strange. a tiny circular pod for five, but luckily we were the only ones on this trip.

took a drive down to mcbaine to see the burr oak and got lost in eagle bluffs on the way to cooper's landing.

model FAIL

the missouri in winter.

i've never listened to an icy river before. it sounds like a slushy machine on overdrive.

the devil's ice box wasn't so icy compared to the rest of the world this day.

hardhats are overrated.

it was wonderful to see your face, david. ship some warmth and sunshine back to missouri.