Thursday, May 19

Budget Rally for the Dallas Morning News

This legislative session has been a non-stop series of protests at the capitol over projected budget cuts and shortfalls.  Some days crowds swell into the tens of thousands, other days only a handful show up to fight for their cause.  Whatever the size, their passion and sense of urgency is the same.

Ron Cranston, center, of Austin, listens to speakers during a Don't Wreck Texas rally at the capitol on April 1, 2011. Several organizations including the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities participated in an all-day rally and vigil while the Texas House debates HB1 the budget bill that many expect will cut funding to state programs and services. 

A mock funeral was held on the south steps of the capitol with coffins representing programs affected by projected budget cuts.

Dwight Harris, of Victoria, holds a coffin representing funding for nursing homes during a mock funeral on the steps of the capitol.

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