Wednesday, August 22

long time, many miles.

this summer was amazing. i'm still getting adjusted to my new digs here in columbia, missouri. as of the first of august i'm a staff photographer for the columbia daily tribune. and that's full-time, people. the internship train has made it's final stop. i have to rethink a name for this blog and post a huge update of images and links.

for now here are links to my final projects at poynter back in july. click on the photo to link to stories.

i found a group for young fathers in st. petersburg that helps its members find resources and stay active in their kids lives.

for my last week of the fellowship i really wanted to tell a more intimate story. i had been to many events but i wanted to get deeper with the people at those events. scott and emilie were a father/daughter duo at the softball game from the previous week. i spent a few days with them and fell in love with their small family.


  1. i love the work you did on this jules - nice to see it again.

  2. wow.

    i'd seen the softball story on poynter, but the father/daughter piece was incredible. i love the audio and the photos... damn girl.

    good luck in MO and it's good to see you're posting again!