Saturday, September 1

from the dailies

football season is upon us. it'll be a tough season to shoot with only a quarter of nice light before darkness falls. sf prep teams played in the afternoon to avoid gang violence, so i never had to use strobe during a game. le sigh. let's hope all the important plays happen in the first 15 minutes of the game.

a local frat was hanging out in the front yard to cool down during a spat of 100 degree days. the guy at the end on the right gave me a fake name so this could only be published here.

local firefighters and emergency workers participated in a acute-angle rescue workshop. some of the rescuers needed rescuing themselves.

portrait of an artist.

this is my first contribution to our paper's weekly photo column called "Our Town." It's one of the longest running, maybe the longest running, photo column in the US. Photographers find stories around town and bring it to the reader in one photo and 300 words or so. This is a great outlet for the journalist in every photojournalist. I hope to go back and do some audio and more photos with this mother of quadruplets.


  1. i love the fireman legs hanging into the frame - nice work jules.

  2. It too me quite a while to find the fourth baby...that's your idea there I guess, pretty good pic's in general.