Tuesday, May 22

canoe marathon

sunday was cold and wet and busy. i had this rad assignment to cover the 50th annual canoe marathon. it had multimedia written all over it. i tried to get another shooter to take my 12pm so i could make something with a stronger narrative, less dependent on the "official" talking. alas, i had to bust it down the race route shooting along the way then sprint to schaumburg to shoot a cycling tour in the cold pouring rain. then haul it back to the finish line to get "the end" then race up to lake zurich for a graduation.

the canoe marathon was aptly named for me too. haha. so this is what i could piece together with less than ideal time spent.

i'm new to this whole video compression thing. these shots are suffering sharpness, i'm not sure how to rectify that. if you use the minimize window feature on the direct feed at youtube it looks normal again. now to get that to display with this remote feed...hmm...

making these audio slideshows is a satisfying learning experience. every time i do it i think of other ways i could tell the story, other visual pieces to gather, audio bits that would have made it better. the same way it felt to see all the erasure marks underneath that perfectly written essay...these are leading to better and better stories.


  1. hi julia..

    pretty cool blog you have going here...i will check in from time to time..thanks again for the book reference....

    cheers, david

  2. love it.. reminds me of canoeing in Texas on the Guad. Fantastic pictures, as usual. Wolf camera would be proud.
    Take care and keep up the good work