Thursday, May 17

my days over the past few weeks have been split between sports in the glorious sunshine and courtroom stalker duty. i know someone has to do it. blah, blah, blah. doesn't mean i have to like it. every short trip down there ("it will just take an hour, i promise") turns into a half a day's saga at least. my other assignments are farmed off and i'm left with hours of anticipation for 30 seconds worth of rapid fire shutter that makes me feel more like part of the problem than part of the solution.

i'm cherishing every bit of community journalism that comes my way these days.

a portrait for the newspaper's all-academic team. i wish i had piped up about making this a more cohesive series instead of the haphazard hodge-podge it has become. a few kids are farmed out to each shooter who makes either a formal portrait, or environmental thing, or candid thing. everyone's using different lens choices, has differing amounts of time to spend, so they look all over the map. this girl was a standout in her school's theater program. i brought lights but the stage lighting was drowning it out, so i decided to work with what was there. pretty straight forward i guess.

i wanted to make a studio standard prop, like a desk and have each of the kids bring props signifying their hobbies or specialties, the reasons they made the academic team. the desk would stay the same but their personalities and talents would make each picture different. oh well, maybe for the next paper i work for?

this game was played in between down pours. sadly there were no mud puddles.
keeping the ball in play.

i was on the wrong side of the gatorade for this one, but i couldn't help liking it. the ball is so perfectly falling between the two. just another reason i need to shoot from third base more often.

hit by a pitch.

i went to what is probably my last pro-baseball game for this internship. the sox were annihilated 11-1 on mother's day.

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