Tuesday, May 29

i'm deep in crazy time right now. on top of everything else my work laptop died last week, so i've been running back to the office to file everything. ugh, exhausting. i hand in my gear today, eat a final lunch with the boys, shoot two assignments and then i'm not the intern anymore. i still have a few stories to produce, umm, tonight i guess. it is a night shift technically.

i have a few days to shoe horn all this stuff into my car and head down to FL. i'm looking at all my stuff in various states of packing and trying to eyeball the square foot storage space of my trunk. i got rid of some stuff, but acquired other stuff. and there's a whole other person i have to fit in the car this time. hmmm.

it will all work out. and as soon as i can slow down a bit i'll post some shots from the final days at the DH. *tear

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