Tuesday, April 17

from sunday's cubs-reds. i still haven't seen a chicago team win a game.

april 15th will now be known as jackie robinson day in MLB. it was neat to be at the first. 7 people wore the #42 jersey during the game, which made captions challenging. i think i need a #42 jersey. i am a robinson afterall.

strike out city, USA - the current residence of alfonso soriano

boredom and layers.

the ball grazed his hand during his swing. the ump calls strike three. he's a bit pissed.

i saw this game as another missed opportunity for good multimedia. historic ceremony, vibrant history, and everyone loves baseball. ideally i would like to find someone who was at that first game robinson played and do an interview, find historic photos, find people at this game who are moved, interview them, get #42 features, game action, little ambient and voila, something that might connect with readers. bah. this paper needs a multimedia editor to take the long-term view of assignments. i'm sure i could hustle more and put something less-than-perfect together in addition to daily coverage. i'll step it up next time.

i'm still in that "i hope i get this assignment right" mode. i have ideas on how to make better frames or more compelling content, but those involve taking risks. i need to reframe the purpose of this internship. instead of proving how i can be a regular staffer, i need to see it as an opportunity to take those risks and be a better-than-regular staffer. sometimes those risks will fail, but hey, it's an internship, right? stuff doesn't always pan out in "real life" either, but there's something about practice, practice, practice that applies to risk-taking...

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