Monday, April 16

cubs: 0
car vandals:1

sigh. it was a good weekend for baseball but a bad one for my little echo. some jackass broke in on saturday and took the only things in it. a long wool jacket and the camera gear i forgot was underneath it. some of it was DH owned, some of it mine. it's all insured but i have to pay $200 for the privilege of getting my stuff ripped off. what a fabulous present. thank you car vandal. rot in hell.

another big neighbor piece ran on sunday. this isn't one of the stories i'm working on, but a good daily piece i brought to the DH's attention. i find myself saying all the time "i wish i had more time to work on that." same goes for this. if i knew how much space they were giving it i would have insisted on spending more time. as it shook out, they let me design the page at least.

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