Thursday, April 19

15 minute sports coverage

not much this week but sports. i love shooting them, but i hate having only one inning before running off to the next one. i like finding the moments and emotion that come with staying the full game.

the opposing team was an hour late, so these girls played a game to pass the time.

double play action.

soccer is awesome to shoot with moments happening all the time. so far i haven't been able to spend more than 20 minutes at a game. in this kind of light i could stay for hours. maybe i'll get the chance next week.

some friends from UT rolled into town last weekend and we got to reconnect over beers. i studied abroad in italy with these women. our stories and memories brought back so much from that tuscan hilltop town. i will go back someday.

this was the photo a waiter took in the indian restaurant, a few minutes before i found my busted window. after he dropped the camera (not mine) once, he took this photo which i find hilarious. even with the damn screen on the back he managed to perfectly but off me and nicole. too funny.

i've been thinking about risk taking since my last post. it's not a switch i can easily throw, but something gradual i can work into my day-to-day. david called it "managing the boundaries of the work you find important". i can either stay within the confines of what i'm given or push for what i want my work to be.

i've always been comfortable exceeding expectations in a controlled environment (read: school), but have been more unfocused in the structure-less world of "my vision." i don't just want to do my job well, i want to contribute something, create something, say something, give something.

i have to risk not doing what's expected to contribute something truly original and heartfelt. in a sense, i have to risk leaving the predictable boredom of the usual to make something - maybe better, maybe worse - but at least unpredictable. and when i put it like that, it doesn't seem so risky. it just seems more alive.


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  1. go for the unexpected. push to reach your vision. don't get in that mode of only doing the daily grind. make the pictures you want to make.