Monday, April 23

day of rock

got to shoot at the chicago school of rock last saturday. the features department seems kinda slow to get on top of things. i had just seen this come across sports shooter the day i got the assignment. oh well. that guy covered the little kids and i got the teens.

i brought a home-made ringflash i made on a slow day (you can find a recipe here and try your own) worked decent enough. i might try making another one with some improved specs.

the story is on the kid in the middle, the only one who lives in the suburbs. another kid was sick so i go back tomorrow to shoot him. maybe i can improve on these portraits a bit.

the school of rock is working on a led zeppelin tribute show. they're pretty good musicians so i got to listen to 4 hours of some of my favorite music. rad. it was a rocking afternoon.

my next assignment, not so rocking.

i shot christina aguilera from the nosebleed section. argh. why are some people nuts about controlling the press? i'm lucky i had a 300mm in the car or i would've been screwed.

i can't post shots of ms. thang because of a contract we all had to sign. more argh. this is a shot of the pussy-cat dolls who opened. they had crazy strobes and i wanted to see what i could bring back from the ether just for kicks.

i can't show ms. thang, but i can show her fans. there were more fake tans, high heels, and random bling than an mtv beach party.

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