Friday, March 2

the x-files

i rescued some files off the G5 at work. i had rushed back to file and left the computer in the car. d'oh! so these never made it to my desktop.

i had another case of all-day events trumped by semi-spot news. last time it was a building that had burned the morning before and this time it was...a building that had burned the morning before. hmmm. pattern? so i didn't have time to wait for the perfect trio of brass to enter this frame. i settled for the sax in a rush.

would you believe i got this background in a gym?! they had some sort of dividing mesh that was just opaque enough.

this condo unit had a pipe bomb of some sort explode in the central stairwell just after midnight. no one was hurt in the explosion, but some people had to evacuate the ensuing flash fire via their balconies. the stairwell was totally charred, but all the condos got away with smoke damage and some melted, bubbling paint. i love this frame for the subtle texture contrast between the bubbly door and the fancy-schmancy wall paper.

march madness is here. i found a 1D (not mark II) lying around the pool equipment. it's making my life so much better shooting in dim gyms. i'm getting a flavor for what the mark II (or III!) could do. le sigh. want to lend me $5,000?

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  1. nice work jules. me likes the color, the movement, the textures, the context you're giving. blah blah blah. rock y roll.