Wednesday, February 28

long few days off. photo story contacts are finally starting to call me back, so i'm hoping to be busy on "weekends" in the future. i'm hungry to work on bigger things. extended free time just makes me antsy and bored. i always feel that i could be, should be doing more, more, more.

local diversity fair - i could photograph folk dance groups all day. so many chances to make graceful images full of color and emotion.

they ran the above photo but tiny and b&w buried inside the paper. oh well.

i caught this little guy in a pose for his parents' camera. i wish i'd had time to move closer and "post up" to the wall. i still dig his body language though. he hated that horsey thing until a picture was taken, then he turned into a little prince.

a luchador showed up to the frosty footrace 5k.

i felt so bad for those kids.

this is the start of a photo story. there's a racetrack on the edge of our coverage area that does live harness racing even in the dead of winter. the track is very enthusiastic about the possibility of free advertising, so they let me go anywhere. the paper needs a local hook so i'm trying to find a driver (not jockey) or owner that lives in our direct coverage area. these are from my first night at the track and are more notes-to-self. i had a ton of fun.

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