Wednesday, February 21

on death and hoolahoops

i was sent out to see if there was a memorial at the site of a fatal car wreck. at 5am a woman died here. by that afternoon there was no memorial, but there were things scattered about in the snow. the remains of life. coupons for a free round of bowling, a map of the nw suburbs, a glove, a windshield wiper, the instructions for an EMT's neck brace. it was eerie, but for some reason i felt compelled to photograph what i could.

more play rehearsals.

i wish i could have had more time at this all-day karate tournament. i was called away for some spot news, another few assignments, and then raced back to see if i could make something i liked. this is close. so far my one complaint for daily news coverage is not having enough time to make a really good image. sometimes the assignment doesn't have much to offer, but when it has potential it kills me to spend only an hour.

hoolahoops are the new (old) exercise fad. skeptical?

before hooping it up i had an hour to kill in chicago's andersonville neighborhood.

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