Thursday, March 8

so here's a few from my boxing thing. not sure it will be a "story" but this girl kicks butt and is fun to be around. hopefully i can just keep hanging out and a story arc will present itself. this is maya.

maya kicks butt as the boys watch.

the tragically hip opened up for the Who. i have some dull, standard shots of townshend. nothing fabulous there. this is the actual frame-by-frame during one second of the opening act. i thought it was crazy going through my take. more like the tragically epileptic light show.

went to a vaudeville class. i'll be doing a quick multimedia thing on these kids. the layers here almost work. not quite clean and separate enough. i'll be back for more this weekend.

had fun at a holi festival with the local hindu temple.

holi is a welcoming of spring called the "festival of color." part of the ceremony is a big dye fight. good to know the D2h can withstand a solid coating of magenta. of course with a name like "festival of color" you'd think the paper would run it in color, right? heh. i am saddened by the irony that this ran b&w.

off-court march madness. these kids were trying so hard not to look at the cheerleaders. they were failing in the funniest way.

uncles are tall.

this kid took the opposing team's student section in stride.

from today's stroll in evanston.

the thaw might be on its way. it will hit 60 sometime next week. bring it on.

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