Saturday, February 3


since i last posted the temperature has dropped over 20 more degrees. had my first sub-zero workdays. eee. cold.

i was love/hate on the possibility of covering the superfans out at soldier field on sunday, but alas, i will be at a church viewing of the superbowl. good to know god is a bears fan.

i've had some funny things happen while shooting basketball recently. one ref backpedeled right over the top of me. neither one of us was hurt, but i bet the fans got a good kick out of it. last night a player fell and slid across the court under the hoop where i was sitting. his head landed in my lap and he stayed there for a second or two, recovering. after he got up a cheerleader came up to me and said,"oh my god, i so wish i were you just then." haha.

checking out butts?

trying to make gymnastics more interesting. my school district didn't even offer gymnastics. these are some of the most accomplished athletes i've seen. i'm amazed at what they can do with their bodies.

more sportraits. they didn't even use this one. sigh.

this was for a play rehearsal of the twilight zone.

the kid on the left plays rod serling, the kid on the right plays a dead body. the kid on the right was a terrible actor. ha.

bears pep rally at the local elementary school.

this kid was praying for a bears victory.


  1. nice work. your lighting skills are crrraaaazy!

  2. I'm so proud of you, these are great!

  3. i like the fencing portrait julia. nice light. what'd you light that with?