Thursday, February 8

post bears postseason

quiet and cold week. had a stretch of sub-zero temperatures and thankfully the car kept starting. toyotas are champs.

poor bears. and it started off so promising...

superbowl sunday i had to cover two different parties on the opposite sides of our coverage area. had to miss the half-time show for icy driving. so was prince rockin'?

brian urlacher is thy new god.

first party was at a church. due to threatened litigation from the NFL they had to call their event a "supper bowl" party and had to use this 55" screen instead of their usual 10-ft screen. something about neilsen ratings and because we said so.

next party was at the local retirement home. we got a hot tip that it was free beer night so i went expecting drunken seniors. by the time i got there the beer was gone and so were most of the seniors. there were about six to watch the second half of the game. *yawn*

i was trying for some irony, but it didn't quite pan out.

the day after the game my assignment was at a local screen printer. if the bears won the assignment was to get pictures of the place busy with superbowl champs t-shirts. if the bears didn't win the assignment was to show how not busy it was. great. showing things that don't exist. i love those assignments. instead of the 6,000 superbowl shirts, they were filling an order for a local high school whose colors happened to be blue and orange.

these are winners of a local community's annual award for being all around swell people. the paper normally takes the handshake/plaque photos (boring). i pitched a brady bunch idea just to keep myself entertained. seriously, with 13 recipients how dull is the same photo being printed over and over? how much extra info does the plaque and the mayor of the town handshake add to the story? i decided none and went for a nicely lit portrait. i grabbed straight-forward shots of everyone too, but this was much more fun to put together. i don't know if the paper used it. i'll check on that.

etiquette class find. dinner spoons on a formal place setting. wish i had a decent macro.

all girls show choir practicing for competition. oh it brings back memories of mr. nelsen'sflair for broadway songs and the agony of wearing a cumber bun.

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  1. again, your talents defy conventional limitations. these photos are startling revelations! i dig the t-shirt shot especially.