Saturday, January 27

more from the daily grind...

boy scouts after the handmade car derby. i wish i'd had more time to work this scene. there was a stellar photo in there somewhere.

inline hockey at a local park district.

gymnastics in a dungeon with forbidden use of flash. sigh.

this girl lost her feet in a hunting accident. or maybe i shot too tight...

without a clean background or nice light to work with, i like to at least pull in a moment. this girl had just pulled off a near perfect routine (9.97). she and her coach were stoked.

recently elected pres of the local hispanic chamber of commerce. love that umbrella. maybe a little heavy with the shadow and also trying to find ways to make people alive instead of inert lumps on chairs and couches.

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  1. hi - i like the lighting on this latino gentleman. you have talent. go bears.