Thursday, January 25

from the last few days.

spent some time with gold medalist swimmer Mary DeScenza as she gave some pointers to a local swim team. i think these are almosts. the compression didn't quite work in this first one. the flash in the second is a good start but it needs some more content to fill it. i wish i could have used the flash more in this dungeon of a pool, but the kids kept blocking the infrared sensor with their bodies. darn kids.

first sportrait for the DH. i really dig the umbrella for portraits. it's a pain to lug it out, even for quick shots, but i like the end results so much more.

on the bench during a basketball game. after this there were giggles and stolen glances into the stands at a group of young men. ahem...

random girl on the harp before a floral show.

the floral show turned out to be a sort of iron-chef florist thing where 5 florists each created 10 bouquets that were immediately raffled off to an adoring crowd as they were completed. the host described each bouquet in thorough detail, each flower and decorative flourish duly narrated to the crowd.

i haven't seen a group of middle aged women this tickled since the last time Oprah gave away convertibles. don't get me wrong. it was a lot of fun.


went to the art institute of chicago tonight. i made it through only one exhibition, the only photo show they have up right now. it's about photographers who traveled for different reasons and at different times in their lives and how that affected their work. seemed appropriate enough. it's a small hanging, but it deserves a second go-round for sure.

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