Monday, June 7

Jared Muston for the Dallas Morning News

"Ride for 8/15" is the message plastered to Jared Muston's bike.  On that date in 2007, he received a devastating diagnosis.  What he thought was mono turned out to be Hodgkin's lymphoma - blood cancer.  Just a few days from beginning his college career at the University of Texas, Muston instead had to endure 12 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation.  He was in remission by January of 2008 and began cycling soon after, following the example of fellow cancer survivor Lance Armstrong

This summer, Muston and over 50 other UT students and cancer survivors will journey 4,687 miles from Austin to Anchorage in the 7th Texas 4000 to raise money for awareness and research.  You can follow his journey, twice as long as the Tour de France, here and read more about the ride here.

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