Monday, June 9

from a story on a skate ministry run out of a backyard ramp.

memorial day.

this photo was discussed on our online forums.:

The photo on the front-page of the Tribune for Tuesday, May 27, 2008 shows several Cub Scouts playing "swords" with the American flag.
Shouldn't they be taught, as Cub Scouts, the American Flag is to be respected. It is not to be used to play "swords" with. Some Den Mothers and Cubmasters fell down on their responsiblities as leaders on this one - and it shouldn't have been photographed and put on the front page of the paper.
the discussion sort of transitions into atheism, standing during the national anthem, and other random things. of course i disagree with the statement that it "shouldn't have been photographed". this blends into other thoughts i have about people's perceptions about what it is that journalists and photojournalists do. there's another long post about that. somewhere in the future.

even the shriner's have upgraded to newer technology.

from last week's twilight festival. a group was giving a demo on the latest hip-hop dance aerobics. i couldn't resist the girls' expressions.

Anna Laura Nixon, 5, second from right, watches as Wilson's aerobics instructor Catina Topash, left, performs a routine on Broadway during the Twilight Festival.

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  1. i feel your frustration with the boy scout photo. we had an angry old man call in about a photo i took at a skate park because -- god forbid -- there was graffiti in the photograph. the guy said i shouldn't have photographed it and we shouldn't publish something like that in our paper.

    hell, even our copy desk complained about a guy i photographed who had a fart joke on his t-shirt. a fart joke!

    sometimes i just don't get it. it's so frustrating.