Monday, June 9

continuing with my reportage from jefferson city last month, i covered the end of the legislative session. there's a child-like giddiness on the last day with goofy presents exchanged, hugs given, and smoldering arguments fleshed out one last time. if i cover this again next year i think i'd focus my coverage on those goings-on. i hear there was even an an impromptu ice cream sundae buffet at one legislator's office. mmm-mmm.

after the laundry list of mugshots, i wandered around waiting for the annual paper-toss that signifies the official end of the session.

i sort of hope these glasses were a joke, and then i hope that they weren't.

there were many families at the capitol for the last day, standing in the wings.

during the last hour, debate was still going on on the house floor, but most legislators were busy saying goodbye to each other and running off to get stacks of bills to throw in the air. the aisles were mostly empty except for the family members now milling about on the floor. preston stevenson, son of missouri rep. bryan stevenson, r-jasper, listened to debate on the house floor from his father's seat.

i ran into erik lunsford of the post-dispatch earlier in the day. besides being a inspiration in the studio, erik is also an incredibly nice guy. it was a relief to see a friendly face in the chaos. you can see his slideshow of the end o' the session here.

when the moment finally came i think i picked the wrong group of people to photograph. they didn't seem to throw much. there's another view of this paper-toss scene that i missed and erik didn't transmit on deadline. you can read about his second thoughts and see his photo here on the Post-Dispatch blog PICTURES. i love the lonely walk out better than anything i shot that day. maybe next year.

the session can't end of course without the final parade of press conferences. governor matt blunt walks out of his office to meet with reporters.

the cords of the media masses. need. more. power.

one last chance for spin before we rinse and repeat.

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