Wednesday, May 9

a busy week with a swollen face. i can open my mouth about an inch right now. i've found a new appreciation for quesadillas, soup, and finely cut corn dogs.

got the dredded "village board meeting" assignment. these brownie scouts made the night. eight-year-olds are too wiggly to not have some shenanigans. sure beats a vote on a new ordinance.

i'm tired of the no-strobe rule with the IHSA. this is 1600iso on a D2h which is more commonly known as granola-grain. i had to post a photo from this though. i played volleyball for seven years, a setter for most of them. as i watched these guys warm up at the net i got goosebumps every time there was a nice set with soft hands that hovered perfectly off the net, or when a body became perfectly aligned with forward motion and full-range swing for an awesome kill. my body still remembers what that can feel like.

i had to stalk motorola stockholders, carl icahn, and ed zander as they met for the annual stockholders meeting. i've seen jesse jackson show up to some weird things, but i would've never expected him here. the rainbow coalition is a stockholder. who knew?

this was a "living rosary" service where 60 people each represented a bead on a rosary and lit candles, one by one, as they recited the appropriate prayer.

and then cinco de mayo. i ran into that dance troupe i photographed a few months back at a local fiesta in the park. still very fun to shoot. and i wasn't surprised when they ran everything in b&w. it just seems to be the aesthetic of the DH.

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