Saturday, May 5

bah. designers.

ok i know it's a cliche photo, but don't crop from the bottom on this one. gah. that rug really tied the room together, dude.

the school of rock thing ran in the entertainment weekly we put out. getting the cover is nice, but spidey is moving in on my "available space" as kobre likes to call it.

so you'll recall the portrait on the left is mine. my co-worker had to shoot the other kid while i was at poyi. not quite the tight counter-part i had in mind, but whatevs. it was out of my hands. they cropped the bejesus out of these frames. this publication is so tight sometimes it makes me want to scream. it's the page equivalent of having televisions in check-out lines. how about some space and quiet every now and again?

i've been mining the poynter site for previous years' stories. i'm usually impressed with the page design of most everything they make. without ads the page design really sings and gives the images room to breathe. i'm starting to get pumped. i wish we had longer than 6-weeks but i think they will be crammed full of good things.

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  1. Ack yeah they shouldn't have cut off the bottom of the frame. did they ask you first??