Monday, April 9

shot my first sox game yesterday and froze my fingertips off. with 2 layers of long-underwear, 2 sweaters, a down jacket, rain jacket, scarf, and hat, my body was doing ok, but the gloves couldn't handle the 20 degree temperatures after the shadows crept across the photo pit. burrrr.

by the top of the 9th the sox were down 2 runs with two men on. there was a long hit out to left field and the tribune photographer and i groaned at the possibility of having to stay through the bottom of the 9th. luckily the prevailing winds turned it into an easy catch and we were released from the 6th ring of hell.

and we weren't the only ones who were cold. game action was slow and what little there was i missed. it was a day for pitcher shots. d'oh. i still enjoyed being there, for the first six innings anyway. haha. maybe next time it's that cold, jack frost could at least spit out some snow flakes.

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