Tuesday, April 10

before the freezing baseball game i was assigned a preliminary pageant for Miss Illinois 2007. Two local Ms's would be crowned and move on to the final pageant this summer. I asked the organizer if I could go backstage. She looked at me like I asked her if she could teach calculus in Japanese. No way in hell. So I had to entertain myself at the front of the stage. They had a crooner to entertain the crowd with Sinatra favorites in between competitions. The red gels on his spotlight were making cool shadows, not quite sharp enough to sing, but i loved the color play.

and i was really hoping to see a brand new side to beauty pageants. alas, they were just as bad as ever. and why is there such an attraction to obscure broadway show tunes for a talent act?

yesterday i had an artist's reception on the agenda. gah. i usually hate these things, but this artist was very talented and engaging to talk to. i worked the only daylight in the florescent lit "gallery" in a fitness center to make a portrait. why don't the reporters think to schedule something at the artist's studio instead of the reception? maybe i can get out to his studio to make something better before it runs.

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