Friday, April 6

holy week. it's not over yet, but so far my favorite part has been the devil. i covered a palm sunday procession in a downpour. i've been trying to shoot wider recently. i think i might be too tight (of the tight-is-right mentality) more often than not. i'm making an effort to strap on the 20mm and make a frame on each assignment.

this guy was my favorite part of the procession. i just missed him and the guy playing jesus embracing for a family member's camera. that would've been a sweetly ironic photo. d'oh.

this virtuoso conductor has combined all of his private lesson students into a chamber orchestra. the layers are almost clean enough for my taste. i was shooting from the floor for this, so maybe it wasn't possible to clean it up all the way.

these dudes are organizing a high school car show. i had an umbrella off to the right to pop them out of the dreary day. there wasn't enough power and punch to pop them out as i envisioned. i think i need "real" lights for that, a la bob croslin. might be fun to cover the car show and set up a mini-studio for the kids and their rides.

and then some bulls action. nothing SI worthy, but damn i have fun shooting the pros. so much drama and ego and sometimes even good game action. haha.

LeBron = le brawn


  1. Your photography is amazing. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. thanks, sheila. i use a 20D for most everything that matters and a crappy D2H for the high action sports stuff. but as any PJ will tell you, it's more about the eye than the camera ;-P

  3. Thats true. But I still have to replace my camera. :) Thanks for the info.