Thursday, March 29

slowly, slowly, slowly.

this is the vaudeville class i've been to twice. the goal here is a short/sweet soundslide. i'd still like the photos to be better than daily work, so i'm taking my time putting it together. i'm making this story b&w because the lighting in this dance studio is hideous, pulsating florescent orange/green. ugh. it would be a nightmare to color correct everything, hence the monochrome. i'm also interested how people feel about the almost eye-contact in a lot of these photos. the kids are always performing to the mirrors which i usually keep to my back to avoid being in the photos. sometimes it looks like they're looking at me or close to it.

this is marc. he's been a gymnast with the special olympics since age 6, he's now 28. he was the only one from this are to be asked to the summer games in china this october. i found out about his story while researching another photo story. it will be a "daily". the other story on special olympians has yet to begin.

this one doesn't quite do it for me. a bit too cluttered, not quite a moment, but i had to try. i'm making an effort to photograph the in-between moments more.

these are from the massage-therapist nun story. she works at nursing homes and hospice with patients. my co-worker paul said this story is doomed because the photos will be repetitive. i know he's right in some respects, but i also think this woman is a good story. so there. i haven't shot anything that gives me a "wow" but i'm sticking to it.

these are from a medieval festival thrown by the local society for creative anachronism group. my editor requested an audio-slideshow, so i'll link to that once the package is done.

there's something about this kid's posture that i really like. i was wishing for a 4x5 at this moment. he's wearing a gold mardigras mask, but at this size it's hard to tell. this was the set up before the fair.

trying for more layers and that "weekend-warrior" hint with the new balance shoes on the right.

if i were chip litherland this wall would be red and bathed in golden light. i get blue with nikon 1000 iso.

baseball season is finally here. and so are cliche weirdisms to pass the time. i froze my butt off at this game. without a hat or a monopod i was pretty miserable. i love to shoot outdoor sports, i just need to be more prepared in the future.


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  2. yeah, and if you were chip litherland you'd sit there for another couple hours repainting said wall red and giving that kid a yellow shirt.



  3. fun baseball shot. never seen one so clean. who needs color. nicole