Monday, August 29

SUP Pilates for the Statesman

I love to play (and work) outdoors. Pam LeBlanc's Fit City columns give me an excuse to do both while on the job. The downside? Getting exposed to fun things I end up spending money on later. It's a first-world problem. I'll live.

A few weeks ago I met Liana Mauro, a pilates instructor with a new delivery platform - all the difficulty of pilates on a Stand-Up paddle board. Being on the water is a blessing and a curse, but you can't beat the view. One of her clients nominated her as one of the best trainers in Austin.

I spent an afternoon chasing Liana and her class around Townlake and came back with only a mild case of poison ivy. Next time I'll borrow a housing and get on the water with them.

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