Friday, December 31

Best of 2010

It's that most wonderful time of the year.  The time when photojournalists everywhere look back at the year with a mix of disappointment and pride.  Plowing through our archives for hours on end assembling a retrospective of things we've witnessed, preparing for the contest season yet to come, and taking stock of just where we are - as journalists, photographers, and human beings.

This was my first full year of freelancing.  There's still plenty I miss about being a staff photographer, but as the anxieties of running a business become simple routine, I'm more excited by the endless horizon, the choose-your-own-adventure, the pure exercise of free-will.  Last year's motto was Hustle & Flow (minus the cocaine).  This year's motto is still kicking around the old brain pan. 

These photos represent the stories and people that meant the most to me this year.  A huge thanks go out to my editors.  They introduce me to the most fascinating people and keep me among the lucky human beings who can make a living at what they love.  I'm looking forward to a 2011 with heart, and moment, and light.

Best of 2010 - Images by Julia Robinson

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  1. It's interesting looking thru various photojournalists' best of 2010 blog entries because there are countless mentions of recently leaving their staff photo positions. Nice work on your first year as freelancer!