Friday, August 6

Metamorphoses for the Statesman

I had a blast with the cast of Zach Scott's production of Metamorphoses last month.  Shooting previews can be tricky - the Director wants certain scenes photographed, I want quirky rehearsal moments, and climbing around in the rafters is usually off-limits - not so with this group.

Director Dave Steakley ran through visually stunning scenes and let me wander all over the set and his lighting rig.  These photos really took themselves.  With a pool at center stage and actors descending from silk ropes how could anyone not find something to love?

Paul Flint, Director of Production, cleans the pool at center stage before a rehearsal of Metamorphoses, a play by Mary Zimmerman, at the Zach Scott Theater.

Andy Agne suspends from a hoop above Frederic Winkler during a rehearsal for Metamorphoses.  Actors suspend from silk ropes throughout the play where the audience sits around a circular pool.

Aaron Alexander, left, and Smaranda Ciceu, right, as Ceyx and Alcyone, and Stefania Tafuro, above as Alcyone transformed into a bird.

Stefania Tafuro, center, performs aerials on a silk rope above a circular pool at center stage. 

Margaret Carter, center, practices a descent on a silk rope.

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