Thursday, March 25

House of Songs for KUT

There's a neat musical exchange going on between Austin and Denmark. Musicians from Copenhagen fly in for total immersion in the live music capitol, spending a week or two collaborating with locals, playing gigs, and soaking up the atmosphere in the 78704.

The program is funded by the Songwriter Guild of Denmark and operates other houses in New York and Los Angeles, Spain, Portugal and Greece.  Back in January, I worked on a story with KUT's David Brown. I met some amazing musicians and made a list of people to see the next time I visit my brother in Copenhagen.

Stanley Samuelson, center, a songwriter from the Faroe Islands, plays with Austin artists Danny Schmidt, left, and Carrie Elkin, right, on the back porch of the House of Songs in the Travis Heights neighborhood.

Peter Smith stopped by several south Austin shops, hoping to find a new guitar.

Peter Smith and Austin musician Nathan Felix collaborate on a song in north Austin.

ZAR outside Austin's Broken Spoke.

The House of Songs has weekly showcases of Austin and Denmark musicians at Flipnotics, Momo's, and Threadgill's. Check 'em out. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Hey Amiga, I really dig the photo of the guy hanging by the red guitar on the wall. Hope all is well.