Thursday, December 4

november felt like a slow month. the coming of winter always seems to slow my blood and turning 29 has put me in that meditative state of mind about the coming 30's.

University of Missouri artist Kathryn Walker finds inspiration in dark fairy tales.

The Hickman High School hip-hop club was a fun group. I might head back there for some multimedia.

Stephens College freshman Sydney Turner practices a fake death scene as Jo March during a rehearsal for Little Women.

Norma Winslow, center, and Carol Smith, right, sort through donations in the back of The Wardrobe. After running out of blankets last week, Smith says the community has answered their cry for more donations which piled up over the weekend.

A business cover story on two sisters who run a gift-shop in Hallsville, Mo. Moving around merchandise for the holidays and the stress of securing health insurance were the events of the day.

Hickman senior wrestler Terrell Shannon, top, wrestles with freshman Josh Browne during practice in the Kewpies new wrestling practice room.

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