Tuesday, December 16

fin de football

football season is over for me.

the tigers lost the big12 championship to oklahoma again this year. Oklahoma 62, Missouri 21. ouch.

even though the last few games were freezing, i miss them already. my co-worker parker will be covering the bowl game in san antonio. at least it'll be warmer in the dome.

Kevin Reichert, left, and Wally Fairchild, right, drink beers in high wind on the top of their RV before Saturday's game against OU.

Oklahoma fan Craig Davieson hangs a stuffed tiger over the entry tunnel as Missouri Tigers take to the field at the start of Saturday's Big 12 Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel is sacked by Oklahoma's Frank Alexander.

Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin celebrates his touchdown in the second quarter.

Oklahoma's Mossis Madu scores a touchdown during the second quarter.

Missouri safety Hardy Ricks grabs onto the shoe of OU WR Juaquin Iglesias for a tackle in the second half.

Missouri defensive back Tru Vaughns loses a shoe and fumbles an interception in the OU endzone in the fourth quarter.

Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon and Missouri defensive back Kenji Jackson leave the field after their defeat by OU.

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  1. now that's a sportsshooter special feature if i've ever seen one.