Tuesday, November 4

don't forget to vote.

the only national candidate i got to cover this year was obama last week at mizzou. my coworker nick king and i covered the speech itself while our boss gerik flitted about the edges for images of supporters. i think we made for a balanced team. i was so focused on jockeying for position to get on the scissor lift and into the coveted "buffer zone" i didn't really hear any of the speech. i guess it was just the usual stump.

you can see the slideshow here.

you can see our other slideshows from the swing state appearances below. wednesday morning is almost here.

Biden in Jeff City.

Biden in Columbia.

Palin in Jeff City.

McCain in Columbia.


  1. Always impressed by your work cuz, you have such a strong eye I love your pictures. -J

  2. I only made it to the Biden visit in Columbia and the Palin visit in Jefferson City.

    I had just gotten my first DSLR a day or two before the event and think I could have done a bit better if I would have been better acclimated to the settings, etc., although that probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.

    Biden 1 with Sony Alpha a350

    I was more pleased with my Palin pics as the lighting was better and I was able to add a telephoto lens to my outfit.

    Palin 1 with Sony Cybershot T300

    Palin 2 with Sony Alpha a350

    Someday I hope to get a low light lens to help with my Friday Night football pics.

  3. And as I should have mentioned in my first post; Great Shots! I am not just referring to the rally shots, but the football shots and the others throughout your blog as well.

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  5. i really like this one: