Friday, July 4

in the summer months our sports department is strapped for stories. with no collegiate games and the nearest pro-baseball team in st. louis, they start thinking outside the box and we get some great non-traditional stories. i wish we did more of this during the sports high-season. there's a lot of passion at all levels of play and great stories on and off the bench, or field, or sportscourt.

pee-wee football

a local fire cheif's son was the focus of the story that day. bo suffered a concussion the day before and was unhappy sitting out most of that day's tournament play. "Coach I feel fine, I really feel OK."

sarah carlisle started training dogs at age 8. she was the youngest person ever to win the U.S. National Junior Dog Agility Championship in 2006. the dog she competed with in that event died two weeks later of kidney failure. "I learned that you never know when your last day with that dog will be. You just have to love them every minute."

she's starting at the bottom of the dog agility circuit again with two new dogs, mira and charlie. "I compete for the joy of my heart and the love of my dog," she explains. Ribbons don't mean much.

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