Monday, July 28

boone county fair

spent the last week working long days at the county fair. like any good team, our photo staff left it all on the court. the fair itself struggled a bit with the weather. stormy the first few days and then unbearably hot. lessons learned: stop torturing myself and wear shorts, less planning and more wandering, fair car racing calls for earplugs, take at least one ride on the ferris wheel, more carnival, more scene-setters, less "event" and more "life."

Emma Piotter, 11, holds Brixie, a dark Brahma Bantam rooster, as sister Corey, 13, cleans his feet before the poultry competition on Wednesday.

Sydney Westfall, 12, pets her rabbit Daisy in the small animal tent.

Alex Kerr-Totten, left, watches as judge Tony Perryman evaluates his chicken during the poultry competition. Kerr-Totten won the reserve champion ribbon for the large hen category.

Zach Westfall, left, and Kyle Perry, right, react to an unfavorable first place decision by judge Sharon Stephens in the Mini Rex breed category. Perry's sister Laura took the championship ribbon.

(Left to right) Kelly Wilsdorf, 13, Kelsay Bruns, 11, Laura Perry, 11, and twins Ella and Clara Wright, 11, wait for judge Sharon Stephens during the Best of Breed Class 4 bucks compeition in the Small Animal tent.

Braden Clayton smiles at the judges during the 2-year-old division of the baby boy contest.

Danielle Mortimer performs a baton routine that earned her second place in the junior talent show.

Bryan Biswell, 14, right, smiles as Boone County Fair Queen Ally Walker exits the stage after kicking off the Fiddler's Frolic.

Johnny Izgrig, 17, and Leslie Rice, 16, of Centralia, watch the side-by-side mud racing through the Grandstand fence.

Dawn Sherrill, Boone County Fair Queen First Runner-Up, wipes mud from her boots before entering the multipurpose room for the talent show.

Derrek West, 12, waits outside the barn after cleaning his steer for competition.

Sarah Grant, 10, leans on her steer Gabriel after cleaning him for competition. Grant raised the steer from a bottle calf. "He's so sweet," says Grant, "He doesn't really care if I lay all over him."

Sarah Grant, 10, relishes the moment after getting a blue ribbon for her steer Gabriel as her father David, left, praises her performance in the ring.

Sampson, a Boston Terrier, carries a horseshoe clipping around the barn before the start of Society Horse Show Finals.

Boone County Fair Queen Ally Walker kills time before a ceremonial ride around the main arena for the Society Horse Show.

Cheryl Perkins relaxes as a friend styles her hair for saddlebred competition in the Adult English Pleasure Championships.

Cheryl Perkins rides Trefethen to a second place finish in the Country English Pleasure Championship at the Boone County Fair.

Kara German rides Worthy's Sunflower in the Pleasure Equitation Championship.


  1. yes, you guys totally rocked that fair. love the use of light on the equestrian shots and that moment of the girl with her heifer. (boston terriers make me go all soft).

  2. Kid with violin with the Queen walking by is absolutely classic!

  3. nice

    ok, i'm ready for an update.
    make it happen!

  4. wow. beautiful set of fair photos... there are so many, i'm forgetting what to comment on...
    i love the bunny shot - great crop. i also love the two boys, one with his head down (they lost)... great. kid checking out the queen - such an awesome moment. i wonder if you were waiting for that to happen and standing there for a while? my favorite is the two people looking through the yellow fence. LOVE it...

  5. thanks gang.

    katie, i was following the fair queen for a "day in the life of" story and was waiting backstage while she made her intro for the billionth time. i shot this kid warming up and then framed up the scene to see what would happen when the queen and her court shuffled through on their way to another event. lucky for me boys will be boys.

  6. Hi Julia.
    I just came across these photos today. What a wonderful set of images! The photo of the girl getting her hair styled is beautiful. And I really like the one of the girl with her head on the cow. There's a lot of connection and love in that shot. great work.